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“Resources are never the problem, it's the lack of resourcefulness, that's why you fail.”

-Tony Robbins

"Social enterprises are businesses with a social

                           or environmental purpose" -Social Enterprise UK.

Let's support the Social Enterprise Movement!


My mission

I empower women social and environmental entrepreneurs (but men are welcome too) and other change agents who devote their time to moving the global society towards social and environmental sustainability.
I empower these amazing trailblazors step out of stress and the road to burnout by developing healthy mental habits, clarity of focus and peace of mind so they can be present with their family, embrace selfcare as an important part of business success, sleep well, be focused and productive at work, feel happy, live longer and make even greater impact while doing so.
By combining systematic mental fitness training with powerful coaching tailored to the individual, I help facilitate the transition from stressed to resourceful, so you can live your mission AND your life sustainably, happy, passionate, with peace of mind while making an even greater impact.



“I loved each and every session I had with Anne-Mette Sylvest! She is a very competent, skillful and very attentive coach, very supportive. She knows a lot and is very creative in the way she applies her knowledge, strategies and technics. You feel safe with her and understood, and it is easy to open up and tell Anne-Mette about your thoughts and feelings. She has really high standards, and she is congruent in living her values, that was really important for me.. I had great insights which really helped me feel stronger and happier and move forward towards my goal”.                                                    -

Irina Udaltsova,, Russia 2015

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape

10 good reasons for coaching with me

When you recognize that your life and your mental and physical wellbeing is worth more than being burned out and you want to find solutions that will last.

  1. You become clear about where exactly the underlying obstacles are and how to deal with them.

  2. You learn simple yet powerful tools, exercises and techniques that set you up for peace of mind, healthy relationships and sustainable high performance.

  3. You become more present and focused on what is most important to you and more able to ignore distractions and time thieves.

  4. You will experience that old blocks stop holding you back.

  5. You experience an uplifting momentum and motivation for moving forward.

  6. You get an accountability partner who will keep holding you accountable to yourself.

  7. You get even better at what you want to excel at.

  8. You will experience joy for life, courage, feeling of freedom, inspiration, mental strength, insightfulness and you will become an even greater inspiration to others.

  9. You may likely experience that your learnings transfer to other areas of your life that were not directly in focus while in the coaching session.

  10. The feedback I get speaks for itself. In my coaching sessions, it's real VALUE for money.


When you want to tap into the power of the support of peers. Join a tribe of like-minded people who are walking the path with you.

Newcomers start off with the beginners' Foundation Track.

For those who wish to continue, there's an Advanced Track.

1-1 Coaching

When you want individual follow-up.

"Decisions happen in a heartbeat, change happens over time" -Tony Robbins. If you want closer follow-up than in the group processes, then 1:1 coaching with me might be a solution.

My sessions are typically 1-1.5hr sessions, and I work for a minimum of 3months with a client. Want to hear more? Contact me.

NLP New Code Training

This is the only place in Denmark, and one of three in Norway where you can learn NLP New Code. 

Anne-Mette is a certified trainer in both Classic and New Code NLP directly by John Grinder (co-founder of NLP and New Code NLP) Carmen Bostic-Sinclair (Co-developer of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (co-developer of New Code NLP and leader of NLP Academy UK). 

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