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WELCOME to my website!! I'm deligthed that you're here and hope you find it both inspiring and motivating.

For those curious about me:

I am originally from Denmark, lived with my family in Northern Norway for almost 14 years before moving back to Denmark, hold a BSc (Ecology) from Aberdeen University, Scotland and an MSc (Agronomy, specialising in environmental conflict management) from Copenhagen University. During my studies, I realised that environmental improvements ultimately require change within the individual and I became deeply fascinated with studying how people access their individual resources.

What I realised is that a crucial factor for sustainability on a broader scale is inner sustainability. When we are able to create inner sustainability, we create positive ripples throughout our lives, in our families, work and society as a whole.

Implicit in inner sustainability is mental fitness. What has become obvious to me over the years is that our mental fitness is crucial for us to make sound decisions, whether that relates to personal or work life. We can't do that when our survival brain runs the show. Most of us, however, fall prey to our survival brain almost daily, as we go about our daily tasks oblivious to our automatic programming and stress. Stress appears in almost epidemic proportions throughout the world, which to me is a clear signal that we as a society have developed a culture that doesn't accomodate for mental fitness. Now is the time to start.

To me, it is the greatest irony, that impact entrepreneurs pour their heart out to serve others, but find themselves exhausting their own mental wellbeing in the process of developing and running their businesses.

It is a priviledge for me to support these trailblazors develop healthy daily habits that support their inner sustainability, so they can avoid burnout and instead be more present, alive, enjoying their life and at the same time make a greater impact.

Do you consider yourself an impact leader and wanna know more about how to set yourself up for longterm sustainable success? - develop your mental fitness so you can support that of others. Let's do the work now. Connect to hear more.

The nerdy details of my coach training

  • 2021July, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach with Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine and the business development part with Bill Carmody.

  • 2019-2017 assisted at Core Skills of NLP and International Coaching certification with New Code now called NLP Practitioner with Coaching Certification at the NLP Academy UK.

  • 2016 student at Robbins-Madanes Institute on Total Breakthrough Training and Working With Women

  • 2016 passed the trainers course in NLP New Code via The NLP Academy UK taught by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic-Sinclair and Michael Carroll.

  • June2015-Dec 2016 hired to teach and assist during NLP Classic and New Code training at KfNLP (Kompetansesenteret for NLP), Tromsø, Norway. 

  • January-May 2015 Assisted during NLP Classic and New Code training at KfNLP.

  • 2014 certified trainer of NLP Classic Code via The NLP Academy UK.

  • 2013 trained in Advanced NLP Master Practitioner by Thom Shillaw, Scotland. 

  • 2013 certified NLP New Code practitioner.

  • 2013 certified NLP Classic Code practitioner.

  • 2009 trained by Mats Uldal in TFT (Thoughtfield Therapy) in Norge.

I value my continuous development, therefore I sign up for new courses and/or receive coaching regularly.

I also value giving back to society, therefore I contribute with voluntary work at KSOS (Kirkens SOS Norge, telephone for suicide prevention) and as a coach for Social Entrepreneurs Denmark (SED) at their monthly free consultation services.

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