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If you want to be good at leading others, you must be good at leading yourself first.

You are a leader as a parent, as kindergarden or school teacher, as a trainer or coach, working in societies or charities, in your own company and in organization...

Upgrade your leadership skills and lead even better. Learn here.

Effective Communication

How often have you been misunderstood or you yourself misunderstood somebody?

Ever experienced having different experiences of the same challenge as your team mate, partner, colleague, child or other person?

How well do you understand the other person? and how well do you communicate yourself to the other person?

NLP provides your with powerful toos to converse and plan, SI gives you tools and perspectives to understand your partner. Contact me

Building relationships

Ever tried talking to someone and they didn't get it? Being on a different wave-length or frequency than the others? Missed important information about the other person because you were not tuned in properly?

Deep contact with another person is vital for communicating well and influencing others. It takes insights and practise.

With me, you get fundamental insights into what happens when two people meet, how to create the best possible contact verbally and non-verbally. Here you learn to develop the contact effectively, so you can deepen the relationship.

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Stress reduction

Burned out or are you experiencing high levels of stress? You think multi-tasking is the way to improve efficiency? You feel like drowing in external demands and distractions?

Are you one of those super humans who build their lives on MUSTS and HAVE TOs?

Get help here to take back control of yourself and your life.

Presenting freely

Do you dread standing infront of other people and present something? Struggle with presentation phobia? Afraid of not presenting well enough? Do you avoid situations where you must present yourself, be evaluated and judged by others?

Are jobb interviews terrifying? Do your feel nervous when having to give a speach at a family party? How about putting an end to the struggle, and learn to enjoy presenting? What if you could learn that even within just one hour? Learn here.

Conflict management

Are you entering a conflict with someone? Has disagreement escalated?

Do you experience a full blown conflict, at work, with your neighbour, at school, with in-laws, family members, someone in your network?

Learn tools that give you insights and ways of acting differently, so you can defuse the conflict and develop progress for all parties.

Here you can receive guidance, practise, insights and coaching individually or in pairs, groups.

Couples relationships

Did the spark dissappear? Are you stuck? On your way to give up the relationship? Willing to work, individually or together to finding new ways to re-ignite the relationship?

Here you'll receive tools and exercises to practise new ways of communicating, being together and meeting your needs.

Be prepared to actually want the relationship. This is powerful stuff and requires openness to new perspectives and ideas, willingness, courage and vulnerability. Contact me

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Pain relief

Migraine, pain in joints from excessive use, tension, stomach ache, feeling stuffed in your head... feelings too intense so that they block your ability to react constructively.

TFT and NLP provide various tools that can help soothe and relieve aches and pains and other destructive feelings while at the same time you become aware of what issues are involved and find ways to deal with those issues.

Pain is the messenger, don't kill it. Listen to it. Learn the tools here.

High Performance

Do you want to be able to perform at 110% with focus, and precision, in situations of high pressure, and attentive to even the subtlest of signals?

How you meet the situation and deal with the challenges involved depend on your state of mind.

New Code NLP provide a range of exercises to help you work on your state and create access to high performance states that empower you to make the most of your fullest potential.

Whether you are an elite performer, student, parent, busy excecutive...Learn the techniques here.

Quit Smoking

 You ever been one of these people yo-yo smoking? Excelling in wanting to quit only to fall right back in the habit? You want to quit smoking, but fear what might happen? fear compensating another way?

How is it that some people just quit smoking, while others struggle their entire lives?

Triggers, needs, smoking habits are depending on the individual and may vary with contexts. At my place, we will identify your specific patterns and triggers related to smoking and then develop a strategy to break those patterns and provide you with new sustainable strategies for meeting the needs behind the smoking behaviour. Contact me

Fat reduction

Are you one of those people who has tried EEEEVERYTHING and nothing worked? diets, powder, fasting, exercising a while...

You experiencing yo-yo weight? your weight reduces during diets only to bounce back once the diet is over...

We'll work with your mind set, identifying the threshold for change and establishe new sustainable thought-patterns that can ensure the life style changes you desire. Learn here.

What's your challenge?

Is your challenge not listed here? Maybe you will be the one to contribute to me filling in a spot with that challenge.

Contact me for a chat. If you get results, you pay. No results, no pay.

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