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Advent calendar 2020


!! For those who won a free coaching session !!



Paying it forward

This year I'm giving away 1 free coaching session each day until Christmas. You can help nominate people, scroll down and see how.The session is for particular groups of people;

1) women social entrepreneurs

 2) women working in childcare 

3) women nurses and doctors    

I appreciate all your hard work contributing to keeping your society afloat and bringing your best to caring for others in the midst of a worldwide health crisis.

You have shown leadership in times of ddarkness, you have adapted and found new ways to continue working, you have found yourself exhausted and yet shown up for your fellow citizens who needed you.


Thank you!!

Terms and conditions

    The advent calendar will work like a prize draw;

  • One session will be granted each day to one of the names in the advent calendar pot. You enter the pot by recommendation from someone else or by you sending a request yourself.

  • To be eligible, you must have your name in the pot the day prior to the next draw. I.e. to be eligible to participate in the draw on the 2nd of December you must have your name in the pot by 1st of December.

  • Anyone can recommend someone or themselves (as long as they meet the above criteria). The recommendation must be approved by the respective person involved prior to being recommended for the advent calendar (to ensure the session is given only to people who wants to participate).

  • Recommendations for this grant should be sent via the form below, via email to or via FBmessenger/ TakeCharge coaching.

  • The receiver will be notified via FBmessenger or email. 

  • The session can be scheduled for any day from 1st of December until 31st of January. After this time, the grant expires (for admin reasons and to ensure receivers actually make use of their present).

  • The session will be online as a video conference, so all you need is a stable internet access and proper webcam. 

  • The session is completely free of charge and there will be no subsequent salespitch.

Background photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

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