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Courses and workshops

The courses are tailored to the participants. Therefore, when signing up for a course, you'll receive a few questions to answer.

Start taking charge!

Kickstart your process with this workshop

This is a 1-day workshop that will leave you wow-ed and inspired to make improvements in your life that will boost your ability to take charge of yourself, your day and your life.

For more info, contact here

Leading others by leading yourself

When you recognise you're a leader

(at home or at work)

This 2 day workshop focuses on giving you the tools to leading at a new level, by giving you in depth practical training on techniques that help you deepen your relationships, communicate more effectively and most of all, help you keep your state in challenging situations.

For more info contact here

The Full Monty

Give yourself the full self-leadership-tool-box.

This is a 6 month course (6 weekends, Fri-Sun) for those dedicated to mastering themselves, taking charge of their own process and wanting to go in-depth practise on self-leadership so that you just DO it, rather than having to read up on it.

With these techniques well-practised by the end of the course you will be a powerful new you, taking charge of yourself and your life and you will inspire those around you. You will find clarity, motivation, an inspiring self-talk, excitement when meeting challenges and that you meet old challenges in new ways that leave you feel uplifted and empowered.

For more info contact here

NLP new code

Become a practitioner of NLP with the Ferrari version: NLP New Code.

This is a full training course where you learn the core skills of an NLP Practitioner and then special focus on the version New Code NLP which was developed by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic-Sinclair and Michael Carroll. Anne-Mette is trained directly by all three, so you will have access to high quality training. It is for you who want to experience amazingly powerful, yet extremely simple tools to access empowering states and break through emotional barriers that's keeping you from showing up as the best you. It is also for those who help other people break through.

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