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The fine print


  • Prospective coaching clients will be invited to do an initial coaching conversation (typically between 1-1.5hrs) with me so we can discover if we are a good fit and for me to decide if I want to offer my coaching services to you.

  • Reservations to accept client

       I reserve the right to decline clients, refer them to someone else or end coaching sessions when:

  • prior to the onset of the coaching consider another coach or therapist more appropriate for you.

  • experience that you show no sign of interest in or willingness to take responsibility for participating in the coaching process, doing the homework you agree on or in any other way don't take responsibility for the change for which you've purchased coaching with me.

    • in that case, I will give you a fair warning and allow for you to re-evaluate how you participate in the sessions and implement your actionsteps.​

    • in the case where I end up terminating our work together, you will not be liable to claim refunds for any used sessions. You will, however, receive a refund for any remaining sessions and the equivalent of the remaining of any program you have had access to. You will subsequently be disconnected from any access to any of my programs which you were enrolled in.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30day money back guarantee.

For me, it's highly important that you get an opportunity to evaluate if you experience the level of value you expected. If for some reason you are not satisfied you will have a chance to ask for a refund depending on the terms of the coaching contract that you've signed.

For individual coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to get a refund if you're not satisfied at the end of the session. Alternatively, you will get  the opportunity to schedule another session for free. 

For coaching programs you will have a 30day money back guarantee which you may claim in writing to the email as specified in the coaching contract.

  • Follow-up:

    • All clients are followed up with a phone call of minimum 5-10min or via email 1-2 weeks after the last session or the end of the program (whichever comes last) and again after 6 months.

  • Cancellation of sessions:

    • The client must cancel the session at least 24hrs in advance to avoid payment of the session. This is to ensure that the time slot may be provided to other clients. If the session is already paid for, the client may book a new time slot.

    • If the session is cancelled less than 24hrs prior to the onset of the session, the session will be invoiced the price of the session according to what package was booked.

    • If the session is part of a package that is already paid for, the payment or the session is deducted from the total payment for the package, and will not therefore be available to pay for another session.

    • If the coach is the one to cancel the session, the client is entitled to re-schedule the session(s) that were affected.

  • Invoice:

    • All services are paid upfront and in advance of any sessions or access to any programs.

    • National customers pay via invoice and payment directly to the bank account specified on the invoice.

    • International customers pay via Paypal, Transferwise or any other specifically agreed upon way that ensures the money arrives in the bank account specified on the invoice.

Coaching contract

Upon booking a coaching package, we sign a contract that specifies the frame for our collaboration, our mutual commitment and timeframe for our work. 

Terms and Conditions
Courses and workshops

  • Registering for a course

    • Use the registration form attached to the relevant course/workshop.

    • Once the payment of the deposit is successful, your seat is booked.

    • The total price for the workshop/course will be invoiced and must be paid at the latest 3 days prior to course start unless specified otherwise in the registration info for the course/workshop.

    • Registration is binding, once the payment is received.

  • Cancelling the course/workshop

    • The participant must cancel the registration for the workshop at the latest 3 days prior to the start of the workshop and at least 7 days prior to the course start to give people on waiting lists the opportunity to register.

    • When cancelling more than 7 days before the onset of the course/workshop you will get a full refund of your payment for the course/workshop.

    • When cancelling between 7-3 days before the start of the course/workshop you only get 50% of your payment refunded.

    • Cancelling less than 3 days prior to course/workshop start, there will be no refund of the payment for the course/workshop.

      • However, the participant may register a place on the next available similar course/workshop subject to a new registration.

      • The participant may also chose to pass on his/her place on the initial course/workshop to another person, subject to sending the other persons contact details by email.

Data transparency

As you purchase services here, you are asked to sign a statement of consent for me to store your data.

That statement includes an overview of the places I store the information, such as for book keeping, mailing system, the platform that hosts the programs you sign up for etc.

These are the various agreements and policies associated with the individual places I use.

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